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Lacus is creating higher-standard VFX

Rita O'Moore

Jan 22, 2024

The evolution of Lacus Post in 2024 will be wholly crucial for a big move in the industry...

Lacus Post is a company dedicated to post-production and filming in Florida, United States. Several very ambitious projects will give a lot to discuss—one of the projects supervised by the Visual Effects Supervisor Victor Rivas. A post-production company will change the perspective on the company and develop new techniques and technologies to create stunning results. It will create a more significant scale with the clients, opening new opportunities for business.

A feature film with many challenges, ten months of work to complete the post-production facet of the film called "Wrestling Superstars," a new show from Puerto Rican territory directed by Transfor Ortiz and produced by Piñolywood Studios.

Within the project, Lacus has had a large team of artists and professionals to carry out each department, concentrating on Visual Effects, Animation, and a combination of technologies.

The scalability of Lacus Post allows them to take the services worldwide, and the profitability of technological equipment enables them to provide employment opportunities regardless of the artist's location.

The evolution of Lacus Post in 2024 will be wholly crucial for a big move in the industry. The emplobility will scale, creating a film department for the production crew with an additional division called Lacus Entertainment under Lacus Post. IMDb:

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