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New industry in development

Rita O'Moore

Jan 31, 2024

We have had the vision that replacing artists by using "prompt" words that will execute creating results on their own is not what we aim for or support.

Many will wonder what Lacus Post is; Lacus is a company that works post-production in animation, visual effects, editing, color grading, conform, and dcp. The experience and ambition that make Lacus have significantly led to a solid and transparent scale. Where we put the artists first because they are the ones who make the company, paying a rate they compensate for their work without discrediting their experiences and skills and providing every credit, even if they have been a water deliveryman.

Lacus, a purely American company, was established in Florida in 2021; since then, the team has carried out work for TV Spots such as "Spectrum, Optum Health, Toyota, and Rush Royale" among others. Without discarding the films that have executed their jobs, such as "The Wrestling Super Stars, Daniel El Travieso: Una Aventura Familiar, and Perfecto Anfitrión," among others.

We have created exponential growth and offered employment over the past three years. For some time now, we have seen how concern has been unleashed about AI (Artificial Intelligence), where we are increasingly moving towards a very unpromising technology since many jobs will disappear and others will be born. We have had the vision that replacing artists by using "prompt" words that will execute creating results on their own is not what we aim for or support. Using ML Machine Learning methods, the software will execute what you are looking for but will require critical thinking and skills, among other components, to do said work.

For this reason, we have decided to develop a new model at Lacus Post. With its production and distribution division, Lacus Entertainment is currently working under the mastermind of Victor Rivas, to whom we have decided to provide the necessary tools and leadership as Creative Director and VFX Supervisor in bringing the company to other standards starting in 2024.

Creative Director & VFX Supervisor Lacus Entertainment will have a streaming platform with a different model, which will create new job opportunities for directors and producers with and without experience in short films, documentaries, feature films, TV series, and even scene interviews, among others. Lacus Entertainment and Lacus Post will become the new cinematic mecca to reach any part of the world.

Lacus has a production-ready to shoot in July 2024, providing pre-production, production, and post-production job opportunities at $250,000 for a short film. This will open the door to making another feature film project with a budget of $85M, where a new form of cinema entertainment that has been developed and studied since 2012 with VR (Virtual Reality) and 4D technologies will debut. This will turn Executives' eyes towards Lacus, creating a new alliance to expose technology and art. The company is preparing for new industry standards and growth.

The cloud system contained in Lacus allows you to work and offer opportunities without the artist having to live in USA. The company registered its trademarks under UPSTO and TPN, which has allowed it to strengthen its credibility.

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