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The importance of LUTs in post production

Rita O'Moore

Jul 17, 2023

Having ACES and LUT set consistency within the Editorial and VFX team to achieve a cohesive final look.

LUTs help digital compositors implement the director's or VFX supervisor's artistic vision. They can apply specific LUTs to set a particular look or mood for the scene. Whether it's a dark and moody atmosphere or a bright and vibrant stage, LUTs allow for quick and consistent adjustments to achieve the desired visual style.

Editorial Department - Lacus Post

Digital compositors often work with images from different sources, shot under various lighting conditions and with different cameras. LUTs allow you to match the colors and tones of the various elements, ensuring that they blend seamlessly.

Consistency is crucial to creating a believable final image, and LUTs help achieve this by aligning the color and tone of all elements in the composite. For this reason, the VFX team must maintain very close communication with the editorial department for the LUTs so that Compositors can use them in the post-production process.

Rush Royale - Jake Paul

LUTs can calibrate CGI elements to align perfectly with real-world lighting and colors. Consistency between shots and sequences: In many VFX projects, multiple shots and sequences must be consistent in color and tone. Using LUTs ensures that all elements have a consistent appearance, helping to create a cohesive final product. This is particularly important when dealing with complex scenes involving various lighting conditions and camera angles.

Feature Film (VFX Breakdown)


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